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TRUSTEE (daTa pRivacy and cloUd SecuriTy clustEr Europe) is a network of 11 research projects funded by the European Union that was established within the Common Dissemination Booster initiative. The cluster is coordinated by CREDENTIAL, and furthermore subsumes the following projects: MUSAPRISMACLOUDSecureCloudSERECASPECSSUNFISHSWITCHTREDISECUNICORN, and WITDOM, which are all performing cutting-edge research and innovation in different domains of cloud security and privacy, ranging from secure and privacy-friendly authentication over encrypted and distributed solutions for data sharing and cloud storage to data integrity, authenticity, and availability.

TRUSTEE Primitives and Components 150 150 SecureCloud

TRUSTEE Primitives and Components

Data Authentication FLEXAUTH
Message and document authentication through digital signaturesVERIDAP
Authenticated data processing verification tool for correctness

Authentication and certification tool for proving topologies

Malleable Signature Library and part of FLEXAUTH

Group Signature Library which is part of FLEXAUTH

Privacy-preserving ID management service based on FLEXAUTH

Authorization enforcement service for microservice security compliance, and intrusion detection and notification system

Secure Storage SECOSTOR
Secure federated cloud storage
Data Encryption DATAPRIV
Versatile sensitive data encryption processingEncrypted Mail Forwarding
Advanced encryption of forwarded emails
Secure Containers SCONE
Secure execution of containers and programs using Intel SGXSecureCloud Secure Containers
Lightweight secure containers for applications requiring very high security
Application Development SIDE
Interactive environment for developing applications and controlling executionDRIP
Real-time infrastructure planner for cloud app deployment

Autonomous system adaptation platform for monitoring and adapting system behaviour

UNICORN Framework Components and Mechanism Prototypes
Simplifies the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic by design, multi-cloud services

Time Critical Management SecureCloud Secure Stream
Secure bus for message exchangeSecureCloud Monitoring
Smart Grid monitoring application with SGX support

UNICORN CI Monitoring
Secure critical infrastructure monitoring application

Cryptographic Primitives TREDISEC Security Primitives
Software components for functional-security requirementsCREDENTIAL Cryptographic Components
High-quality implementations privacy-preserving cryptographic technologies such as redactable signatures and proxy re-encryption

Trustee Ready Platforms 150 150 SecureCloud

Trustee Ready Platforms

Identity Privacy CREDENTIAL Wallet Platform
Cloud-based privacy-friendly identity management
Cloud Security Management TREDISEC Framework
Facilitates the cloud security technology providers to manage the entire lifecycle of the TREDISEC Primitives and RecipesPRISMACLOUD Toolbox
Architecture and tools for cloud security and privacy servicesMUSA Framework
Security DevOps framework fully integrated offering a Trello-style Dashboard.

UNICORN Integrated Platform
Security and privacy incident detection service and management platform for cloud applications

Cloud Management SWITCH Workbench
Development and execution of time-critical applications in cloudsSecureCloud Platform
Secure processing of big data in untrusted cloudsUNICORN Integrated Platform
Features a cloud orchestration service for multi clouds
Secure Data Sharing SUNFISH Platform
Enables protected data sharing between untrusted entitiesCREDENTIAL Wallet Platform
Privacy-friendly cloud data sharingARCHISTAR
Architecture for secure cloud-based data sharing
Application Development UNICORN Integrated Platform
Fast and secure design, release and management of multi-cloud applications
SLA Management SPECS Framework
Creation of reusable Platforms-as-a-Service that offer services granted by security service level agreements


Secure Cloud @ CanalEnergia 150 150 SecureCloud

Secure Cloud @ CanalEnergia

Rodrigo Jardim Riella was interviewed by a Brazilian magazine focused in the electric sector, called Canal Energia, to talk about Internet of things applied to the Brazilian electric sector. He cited the SecureCloud project in this interview. (portuguese only)

SecureCloud Project to SANEPAR 150 150 SecureCloud

SecureCloud Project to SANEPAR

The UTFPR presented the SecureCloud Project to SANEPAR workers, suppliers and contractors, as well as, students and public in general, in a special event that took place at SANEPAR premises on July 4th, 2018, in Curitiba -PR, Brazil. The attendance exceeded the expectations, with a public greater than 80 parttcipants. All presentantions of the UTFPR reearchers were followed by a debate open to the public.

48th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on DSN Workshops 2018 150 150 SecureCloud

48th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on DSN Workshops 2018

Andrey Brito presented SecureCloud during the 48th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks Workshops, DSN Workshops 2018, Luxembourg, June 25-28, 2018.




Secure Cloud @ SBAC-PAD 2018 150 150 SecureCloud

Secure Cloud @ SBAC-PAD 2018

On Monday, 24 September 2018 we presented a tutorial on “Secure Execution in the Cloud Using Intel SGX” for the conference SBAC-PAD 2018, 30th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (Sep 24-76) in Lyon, France.

SecureCloud @ PDP 2018 150 150 SecureCloud

SecureCloud @ PDP 2018

Salvatore D’Antonio presented the article “An Approach for Securing Critical Applications in Untrusted Clouds” on SecureCloud project results at 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-based Processing (PDP2018), in Cambridge (UK), March 21-23, 2018

SecureCloud @ ITASEC 2018 150 150 SecureCloud

SecureCloud @ ITASEC 2018

Risultati immagini per itasec 2018

SecureCloud has been presented at the Italian Conference on Cybersecurity that took place in Milan on 6-9 February 2018.

A presentation on “Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds: the SecureCloud Project” was given by Salvatore D’Antonio during the “TECHNICAL SESSION XII – Secure Systems”

SecureCloud project on TV 150 150 SecureCloud

SecureCloud project on TV

Last Thursday (November 16th) the regional TV broadcaster RPC, associated to the major Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo, talked about SecureCloud. Rodrigo Riella (LACTEC), Keiko Fonseca (UTFPR), Marcelo Pasin (UNINE) and Daniel Lucani (Chocolate Cloud) presented the significant contribution of the SecureCloud project for the new applications data security.