CAS Tecnologia

CAS is a company which applies technology, science and engineering to develop solutions that solve critical problems for its clients, contributing to greater efficiency in corporate processes, governance and sustainability.

With commitment in commercial and technical quality in all of its projects, CAS has participated in the solution of important problems relevant to business and society.

Whether the presence of its products and services in thousands of cities across the whole of Brazil, participating in the daily lives of thousands of families, or promoting Brazilian technologies successfully in other countries in the world, CAS performs an active role and is dedicated to the task of resolving issues in critical segments vital to society such as utilities (electricity, water and gas), environmental, financial, telecommunications and government projects, generating value for its customers.

The CAS technical team has high-level experience in large projects in various sectors and areas of engineering, developing projects in manufacturing and integration of equipment and systems. Our solutions follow a multidisciplinary approach and address the real problems of customers and society.

As a strategic partner of EMC, a world leader in data protection and recovery, CAS markets, implements, integrates and provides a range of specialized services for the companies which acquire the Technologies.