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Targeted meeting to Technetic

Targeted meeting to Technetic 150 150 SecureCloud

SyncLab had a targeted meeting on February 2019 in Padua, presenting SecureCloud results to a prospect customer (Technetic, The company has shown interest in the SyncLab pilot application as well as SCONE



Secure Cloud on Agenda Digitale

Secure Cloud on Agenda Digitale 150 150 SecureCloud

Prof. Luigi Romano (SyncLab) published an article about SecureCloud results on the Italian portal Agenda Digitale, the reference blog for Italian innovation:


Proteggere le infrastrutture critiche con il cloud, come vincere la sfida

CyberTech 2016

CyberTech 2016 150 150 SecureCloud

Prof. Romano served as a panelist for CyberTech 2016 organized by IEC:

UFCG presentation at Brazilian workshop CIDACS

UFCG presentation at Brazilian workshop CIDACS 150 150 SecureCloud

UFCG attended Oficina: Informacao para governanca e o desenvolvimento de territorios saudaveis e sustentaveis (CIDACS, coordinated by Fiocruz) (Workshop – Information for Governance regarding the Development of Healthy and Sustainable territories) in Salvador/BA – January 30th and February, 1st, 2018. Salvador has personal data about 100 million of inhabitants (social program data).
UFCG has presented the SecureCloud as an alternative to the secure room approach used currently (the data is stored and analyzed in a computer room that is disconnected from the Internet). They are choosing a use case to use for evaluation.

UFCG presentation at the LNCC Brazil

UFCG presentation at the LNCC Brazil 150 150 SecureCloud

UFCG presented at the Center for Innovation in Cloud Computing (Centro de Inovacao em Computacaona Nuvem – CICN), coordinated by LNCC/Brazil. LNCC works with high performance computing and needs to provide confidentiality for users of their computer infrastructure. They are evaluating the usage of WP2 technologies (Kubernetes+SCONE) to protect computing. UFCG is helping with that. It started in January, 2018.