TRUSTEE (daTa pRivacy and cloUd SecuriTy clustEr Europe) is a network of 11 research projects funded by the European Union that was established within the Common Dissemination Booster initiative. The cluster is coordinated by CREDENTIAL, and furthermore subsumes the following projects: MUSA, PRISMACLOUD, SecureCloud, SERECA, SPECS, SUNFISH, SWITCH, TREDISEC, UNICORN,

TRUSTEE Primitives and Components

Data Authentication FLEXAUTH Message and document authentication through digital signaturesVERIDAP Authenticated data processing verification tool for correctness TOPOCERT Authentication and certification tool for proving topologies MSSLib Malleable Signature Library and part of FLEXAUTH GSSLib Group Signature Library which is part

Secure Cloud @ CanalEnergia

Rodrigo Jardim Riella was interviewed by a Brazilian magazine focused in the electric sector, called Canal Energia, to talk about Internet of things applied to the Brazilian electric sector. He cited the SecureCloud project in this interview. (portuguese