Copel Distribuisao SA


Copel Companhia Paranaense de Energia, the largest company of the State of Paranà, was founded on October 26, 1954 with ownership control held by the State of Paranà. The Company went public in April 1994 (BM&FBovespa) and, in 1997, it was the first company of the Brazilian electricity sector to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange. As from June 2002, the brand is also present at the European Economic Community, having been listed at Latibex – the Latin American arm of the Madrid Stock Exchange. As of May 7, 2008, Copel’s shares were ranked at Level 1 of Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa)’s Corporate Governance.

The Company directly serves 4,391,313 consuming units, across 395 cities and 1,113 locations (districts, villages and settlements), located in the State of Paranà. This network consists of 3.5 million homes, 89 thousand plants, 373 thousand commercial establishments and 369 thousand rural properties. The staff is composed of 8,653 employees.

Copel’s structure comprises the operation of:

  • An own generating complex composed of 20 power plants (18 hydroelectric plants, 1 thermal plant and 1 wind plant), whose installed capacity totals 4,754 MW;
  • The transmission system totaling 2,302 km of lines and 33 substations (all of them automated);
  • The distribution system, which consists of 192,508 km of lines and network of up to 230 kV – enough to spin four times round the Earth through the Equator line – and 362 substations (100% automated);
  • The optical telecommunication system (Paranà’s Infoway), which has 9,793 km of OPGW cables installed between the main ring and urban radials (self-sustained cables), totaling 18,212 km and reached 41,153 clients distributed reaching 399 cities of the State of Paranà and 3 cities of the State of Santa Catarina.

Today, Copel irradiate light and provide the whole State of Paraná with comfort and social peace. This progress has been achieved for six decades, grounded on hydraulic potential, technology domain and, especially, the creative ability of the technicians and professionals working for the Company.