Intituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia


National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) was created by law in December, 1973, to support the Brazilian enterprises, to increase their productivity and the quality of goods and services.

Its major task is to improve the quality oflife of the ordinary citizen as well as to seek the competitiveness of the economy through metrology and quality.

Establishing Inmetro as the National Metrology Institute of Brazil faces three basic challenges:

  • the creation of the required conditions, according to international
    parameters, for the full practice of the duties related to the Institute;
    that includes a strong institutional and administrative framework, a solid
    and well equipped laboratory infrastructure, plus an adequate number of
    highly qualified personnel, both scientifically and technologically;
  • to meet the country´s metrological demands, always taking into consideration the competitiveness and productivity of the production sector, plus full occupation of the pertinent spaces;
  • expansion of Inmetro´s coordination actions for the metrological activities of the country.