Secure Key-Value Store (KVS)

CC is developing a distributed Secure Key-Value Store (KVS) that is integrated with the other
components of SecureCloud. As such, Chocolate Cloud will primarily commercialize the KVS as
part of the SecureCloud platform. This outputs key differentiators
compared to existing distributed key-value stores are security provided by a combination of
SGX and coefficient and/or data encryption, and native support for erasure coding, including
network coding. The latter makes it possible
to efficiently restore data on failed storage nodes. CC’s KVS has been demonstrated in a
number of settings and is being tested by various partners in deployments at CloudSigma, TUD
and UTFPR. It uses a microservice-based internal
architecture and takes advantage of the SecureCloud platform and infrastructure services such
as terminating SSL connections securely and the use of SGX-enabled orchestration and
monitoring. However, CC has designed the KVS in
such a way that it can also be deployed without these services. Particularly, it is possible
to deploy it in environments without support for SGX, such as (at the time of writing) Google
Cloud Platform, opening up a second avenue
for commercialization.