Secure Streams

UniNE’s Secure Streams is a middleware framework for developing and deploying secure stream
processing on untrusted distributed environments. Secure Streams supports the implementation,
deployment, and execution of stream processing tasks in distributed
settings, from large-scale clusters to multi-tenant cloud infrastructures. It adopts a
message-oriented middleware, integrates SSL encryption and enclaved execution of Lua scripts,
to deliver end-to-end security guarantees along
data stream processing stages. Secure Streams can scale vertically and horizontally by adding
or removing processing nodes at any stage of the pipeline, to dynamically adjust according to
the workload. The design of Secure Streams
is inspired by the dataflow programming paradigm: the developer combines together several
independent processing components (mappers, reducers, sinks, shufflers, joiners, etc.) to
compose specific processing pipes. Secure Streams
components are packaged as regular containers, and are very practical to deploy and manage in
combination with other microservices.