Virtual machine image of D4.2 storage demo is split in five parts that must be combined into a single file.

The parts can be downloaded from the following links:







Total size 3 093 340 160 bytes (2.9 GB)
SHA512 hash of the combined VM image
CRC32 hash of the combined VM image
Original filename SecureCloud_Ubuntu.ova
VM Platform VirtualBox
VM Operating System Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
VM root password cloud1234


To combine the parts on Linux, the recommended tool is Double Commander, on Windows it is Total Commander. These file managers are almost identical in functionality and even user interface. The process of combining splits to the original file is exactly the same with both applications:

  1. Download all 5 parts and the CRC file to a new folder
  2. Open Double or Total Commander and navigate to this folder
  3. In one of the file list panels, select the first part (SecureCloud_Ubuntu.001)
  4. In the other side, navigate to the folder where you’d like the combined VM image to be placed
  5. Go to File -> Combine Files…
  6. The split files are combined to a single file and its consistency is also validated

To combine the parts on Mac, the easiest way is to open a Terminal and concatenate the contents of the split files to a single file:

cat SecureCloud_Ubuntu.001 SecureCloud_Ubuntu.002 SecureCloud_Ubuntu.003 SecureCloud_Ubuntu.004 SecureCloud_Ubuntu.005 > SecureCloud_Ubuntu.ova

Checking consistency after combining the splits, using the Terminal:

crc32 SecureCloud_Ubuntu.ova