TaLoS is a library that is used as part of the SecureCloud auditing service. Developed by Imperial College London (IMP), TaLoS securely terminates a TLS connection inside an SGX enclave and exposes a TLS API to an application that executes outside of the enclave. TaLoS can therefore act as a building block for applications that require a secure TLS termination point that is safest from interface by untrusted code. As part of TaLoS, it is possible to add trusted processing of the TLS connection payload by providing a callback function that is executed inside the SGX enclave by TaLoS. In the SecureCloud auditing service, this is used to securely log all service requests and responses. IMP has released TaLoS under the Apache open-source license on GitHub (https://github.com/lsds/TaLoS). As of June 2018, the TaLoS release has received 61 stars on GitHub, and it is among the most popular SGX projects. We had a number of third-party uses of TaLoS, both by academic researchers and by industry. The GitHub release of TaLoS includes detailed documentation that helps developers use TaLoS as a building block to create more trustworthy applications.